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What is Wrong with the American Economy?

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Written by: Dolores Hark
Date posted: 11 September 2012

This morning I came across a posted entitled, “Does it seem like you spend the majority of your time (or money!) on content creation?”

Reminded me again of a little pet peeve I have these days with the general state of marketing – suddenly, each of us is now responsible for keeping up on this site, the other site, tweets, Facebook, blog posts, etc., etc.

What kills me more is that rarely are my small business clients willing to pay me to do these things. In fact, the most successful professional I know of in SM does training, rather than agency type work. These services start to look cost prohibitive due to their ongoing nature.

And when it comes to intimate little posts about your business, can you really outsource this stuff? Maybe quality doesn’t matter anyway – if you are sitting around writing all day, do you think I’ll be nitting over your grammar on your old tweets? More likely I’ll be too busy looking for my 1000 new twitter friends to actually read 1000 sets of posts…

But back to my actual point, which I haven’t even brought up yet. Is this SM mentality doing anything for the economy? Does the gain from the stealth few offset the costs of having many creative productive people now spending some portion of their day digging around for anything to write, with much of the output simply being regurgitation of news stories?

Does this not create yet another barrier to the successful of ALL small businesses, if this is perceived as compulsory? Because if you are actually focusing on the full range of media, it is time consuming. Let’s say you spend two hours a day, week days only, on average futzing around on Facebook, about 480 hours per year, or 12 work weeks, or 3 productive months of your year. That is one big chunk of time!

So this leaves me inclined to believe we are all collectively wasting our time in a big way. Yes, there are exceptions, but overall – Facebook in and of itself is a huge drag on the economy. And more weirdly, we create all this content and who is going to benefit most? Big business. Facebook. Google. Because they are in control of this data once you put it in their hands. And they care about their business, not yours. And have you noticed how many businesses Google is in these days? Many, many folks. Google is now going into the phase of morphing itself into a giant ‘walled garden.’ They no longer even share key phrase search data with other entities. Surficially this is good for the individually user’s privacy. That is – if you had any to start with, which you don’t. What this is best for is Google and their new information monopoly which is carrying them across numerous online products.

Sort of like network TV. There is the megalomania notion of being everything to the user. So I think we are definitely now in the dark ages of Google. You might as well use Bing. Microsoft and Google are now probably about just equally good, equally evil. And a recent user test showed Bing’s results were preferred 2 to 1.

These days I’ve had to start doing the following:

search term -facebook -twitter -blog

when I actually want to get some quality, in-depth, useful search results on Google. So I’ve just stopped using it for Bing, which does seem much better – hurray!

But anyway…

What about getting back to real notions of value creation? Making and providing a service of value? And what does proficiency at such things have to do with proficiency at social media?

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Living Frugally, with Purpose and Style: The New Conserver

Living Frugally, with Purpose and Style: the New Conserver

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Living Frugally, with Purpose and Style: The New Conserver

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Living Frugally, with Purpose and Style: The New Conserver

Living Frugally, with Purpose and Style: the New Conserver

Living Frugally, with Purpose and Style: The New Conserver

Living Frugally, with Purpose and Style: the New Conserver