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The Addiction Economy

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Written by: Dolores Hark
Date posted: 10 September 2014

After five years on one smart phone that was increasingly malfunctioning, I basically had no choice but to seek a replacement unit. I am old enough to remember using rotary phones – those retrospectively rather beautiful units that actually functioned, more or less, unless the lines were down – and worked for years at times without need of replacement.

My phone cord for my smart phone was in shreds. The unit turns on and off by itself quite a bit.

However, my new phone is clearly a piece of crap meant to go obsolete sometime next year. Because I am a bit of a klutz, bought the phone cover. I see the quality of the phone cover decreased quite a bit. The tacky feeling is gone – now it’s smooth and seems like it will fall from my hand a lot easier. The new cord is only four feet, so I basically cannot use a low wall outlet and a normal height table because the cord is too short. It feels more like tinfoil and I can see it’s not meant to last more than a year or two – given the quality is about 50% of the old one. Basically, it’s not meant to travel. You can’t coil it without damaging it, since the inner material bends on itself easily. The plastic casing is easily damaged.

Worst of all, the phone is getting super hot now as I charge it. That is what my old phone did on its bad days and what seemed to lead to it’s demise. It would get hot and go haywire.

Also, why would I be so stupid as to fry my brain by having what feels like an 80 degree unit at my ear for any length of time? (It is definitely hot to the touch.)

Given my network quality and phone quality were so poor, I had already diverted back to a land line. Thank goodness for that. But I need these devices for my work.

When I was there, I was pushed the $700 model, of course. Maybe the benefit is a real cord, functional case models, and avoiding cell phone brain fry as the unit would not overheat for at least another year or two since they give you another year or two’s worth of phone for the price? I mean the corporate planners would be deciding this – as they make products with a planned obsolesce timeline. That is why it does not matter much if I tell you which phone or company I am even talking about. This is just acceptable business practice and the we vote ‘yes’ it is ‘okay’ because we keep participating when we buy crappy products and expect to buy new crappy products and even possibly look forward to it.

Mostly I am appallingly amazed that we buy this crap and accept that it is disposable. The cost is rather incredible also. And we happily jump on board with paying some corporate $25-30 a month for some device and happily do it (and then more for the service fees). As wages fall, what we do make is committed to ridiculous month-to-month technology service contracts. And these Wetiko corporations will happily drain our pockets as we daze off into our tiny youtube screen and dream our lives away while we gorge on addictive crappy unnecessary junk foods and tell ourselves we ‘deserve’ it and that somehow we also enjoy it.

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Living Frugally, with Purpose and Style: The New Conserver

Living Frugally, with Purpose and Style: the New Conserver

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Living Frugally, with Purpose and Style: The New Conserver

Living Frugally, with Purpose and Style: the New Conserver

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Living Frugally, with Purpose and Style: The New Conserver

Living Frugally, with Purpose and Style: the New Conserver

Living Frugally, with Purpose and Style: The New Conserver

Living Frugally, with Purpose and Style: the New Conserver