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Invitation to Join My Network

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Written by: Dolores Hark
Date posted: 24 September 2013

Is it just me, or are the requirements and marketing demands getting stranger by the minute? I love to complain about Social Media and here I go again…

Case in point. Have to call the Obama quest for office the ‘cult of personality’ – in that, that is what carried him through to office. Meanwhile, Clinton was perceived as some kinda old dinosaur cause her use of social media was not outstanding.

Well, hate to say I was right, cause I really, really hoped I was wrong. But clearly there was no correlation between efficacy at social media and efficacy at presidency. It’s been a painful eight years or so to watch this slow mo disaster in the making. I hope we can collectively learn from this major blunder in trusting that social media savvy meant policy savvy, cause I sure do not see it. Clinton, on the other hand, rocks at policy – that to me is top notch, in terms of what we need moving forward.

Another real life case in point, in my local neighborhood – there is this restaurant where the food is pretty bland and oddly prepared at times. Yet, read Yelp! and you’d think you were in for a gourmet experience (even though it’s a burger joint with super expensive drinks (which happens to have a somewhat captive customer base, based on location)). Examples – they actually nuked regular cheese on my fries and called it cheese fries. Barely edible – in fact I left most of it behind. The grilled cheese went from like 6 tablespoons of butter to zero. That’s right – the bread is 100% dry. But something like 500 people give them top ratings. Weird…. So knowing this, I’ll be sticking to the Zagat.

This rant originates from my need to add about 100 acquaintances to my professional network profile to ensure my numbers look competitive. More like 350 if I am really honest with myself!

FOLLOW UP: Decided to delete my LinkedIn profile after careful research into the matter. If I wasn’t going full in, seemed best to just get rid of it so as not to tarnish my professional reputation. Plus, that means my one stalkery ex can find some other boring thing to look at – lol. Btw, felt the service ‘jumped the shark’ when they started telling users automatically who was looking at their profile. This just mostly made me not want to look at profiles so that I did not look ‘stalkery’ myself.

Most opinions weighted toward ‘doesn’t matter’ while it seemed the HR people liked them most. However, even then, they are not usually required and you can simply still go to company website and go through the application process online, which is already time consuming enough in itself in the majority of cases. So, I am just keeping my resume on paper now and so far it has not been an issue.

There are still benefits, but for me personally there are much better uses of my time at this point and want to cut down on pointless distraction.

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Living Frugally, with Purpose and Style: The New Conserver

Living Frugally, with Purpose and Style: the New Conserver

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Living Frugally, with Purpose and Style: The New Conserver

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Living Frugally, with Purpose and Style: The New Conserver

Living Frugally, with Purpose and Style: the New Conserver

Living Frugally, with Purpose and Style: The New Conserver

Living Frugally, with Purpose and Style: the New Conserver