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Editor: Dolores Hark
Date posted / or last updated: Sunday September 27, 2015

In 2007 or so, I could not help myself – started to write on book on the personal or household economy, as juxtapositioned in the broader political-economic context of the United States, because for me that was a particularly difficult time in terms of the political climate.

That led me to wanting to have a blog and a direct outlook for the book. Over the years, I ended up cutting quite a few pages and I believe it is pretty short at this point, just 38 pages, last I checked…but I still have it here for sale for $2.45 with tax, or if you make a donation of a greater or lesser amount, I will send it to you by email within one business day.

Hope you enjoy or find useful the random comments on my blog pages -

Thanks for reading!

Oops I Did It Again

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Written by: Dolores Hark
Date posted: Monday December 21, 2015

Just going to admit it that once again I managed to run up my credit cards. Darn. This time it is really bad.

Why did I do it? Not sure. Just seemed to happen in super slow motion…

Now, I am not trying to blame anyone at all, but it did start with healthcare expenses. For just routine exams. But I had a lump in my breast. Well, actually I had that lump for years. I figured it was a cyst but it got bigger.

Then my bf really, really pressured me to go to the doctor for this. In fact, I guess it had been like 10 years since I went to the doctor.

In addition to the regular charges, it was more than a couple hundred for special exams for my especially lumpy breasts.

Basically, the mammogram machine flattened out my cyst filled breasts like two little pancakes and they are still smaller to this day. Just cysts, all good.

But I started down that slippery slope…

“Oh, hey there’s several hundred on my card already, better get some nice Christmas gifts this year.” Yes, that happened, like once or twice. Mostly I make stuff ~ unfortunately for the gift getters :) This year it will be gluten free! But still delicious!

Then came the moment I didn’t have the cash for my insurance premium, which had gone up three times in two years thanks to turning ‘old’ and Obamacare anticipatory rate hikes. I was just going to ditch the insurance. I let someone else talk me into to the idea I should put this on a credit card. A year later, I was toast on that card. Why didn’t I run out and get a job with health insurance you ask? I don’t know. I always seemed to be busy working. I did apply for some jobs over the time frame with little success, though I never spent 30 hours a week at it, for instance, like a serious job seeker. Additionally, it’d be great if that job actually paid enough to at least cover my living expenses, which I find to be a challenge based on the current market and well, the fact that I have debt. If I take a job in my field, I am supposed to give up my own clients. I am told I should just lie about that? If the job is out of my field, I am looking at probably $20 an hour if I am lucky, that seems about right for where I live. Perhaps $15 an hour is more realistic. Do people somewhere actually live on that wage, insurance or not?

Anyway back to the run up.

Then I started to get wicked sick from bad dental work, or perhaps a lack thereof, however you want to look at it.

And that pretty much did me in.

Good news is I generally feel much better these days. I no longer eat white sugar or white flour, among other things, to maintain better health. Just eliminating white flour makes my mouth feel a lot better. Still, I struggle daily with really intense intermittent pains in my face from another old root canel that is failing.

And ya know, baking soda is a godsend. Having some pain? Coat your gums with the stuff. My dentist was surprised when I told of this, which I found shocking. Seems much safer than sucking down antibiotics, which by the way – will affect your hearing – something they don’t bother warning you about, which is really disturbing. You wake up one day (as a singer) and find that for the first time ever there are a couple notes where you can’t seem to find the pitch and you are truly baffled. Luckily it seemed to recover with time, but it took a while.

My opinion is we are living in a super dark medical age anyway. Lots of doctors are script quacks and I have no desire to participate in the medical circus. (No, I am not saying to not take antibiotics when you need them, just make sure you need them and realize they might give you Crohn’s disease six months from now and start drinking down that Kieffer, for example.)

I am quite disgusted I am required to pay tribute annually to the Insurance Gods per Obama’s Mandate (I am a liberal; I feel this is a very Republican sort of policy – as in , ‘Hey people – bow down and cough up that cash to the big businesses which are basically among the few in this oligopolistically riddled place to be able to finance our campaigns in large chunks, which hey – let’s face it – greatly increases campaign financing efficiency!’). What a lot of bullshit, in addition to the poisoning of the populace through needless medication. Let’s face it – the US propagates unhealthy living as an example to uphold. Drive around in a car, eat really, really bad food (just a whopper exceeds daily caloric count for many), and when you feel like crap and wonder why you feel anxious after working 50-60 hours a week, plus commuting, with barely two weeks off, after sucking in a ton of auto exhaust – run along to the doctor for some pills to fix those bad feelings. Why would any other country strive to run toward this catastrophe? On a daily basis, I encounter people who are heart-breakingly unhealthly.

So I am working really hard these days, pretty much just focused on earning money, none of which I’d like to channel to the insurance industry, but am forced to in the five figures to pay down this debt. Then every year thereafter I will be forced to pay tribute to those useless entities of paperwork and poison. In fact, I’ve never received any benefit from any insurance payment received ever – in my adult life. Since the premiums are the $5000 to make the monthlies affordable – I’ve never gotten sick enough to justify it’s use.

Oh right – except dentally – which somehow is not covered by ‘health’ insurance, at least in many cases. (Definitely do shop for a discount plan before going to the dentist – you can receive size-able discounts on fees when you go to providers on these plans.)

Anyhow, I meant this to be a confession, not a rant – I’ve never been much for lying, so it’s sort of weird to have this book out in the world, then acting like I actually have it all together financially.

I feel pretty happy despite the financial challenges, some how! I guess I realize that in the big picture, I am truly blessed, very comfortable, and have no real struggles beyond financial ones (at least at this time ~), which is more like a personality problem I direly need to solve or perhaps, more generously, it’s more like a giant US healthcare economy flaw – we live in a place completely driven by the mandate of greed. The current healthcare solution is absolutely not a solution. It is political machinations. It’s someplace there on the continuum – both need addressing.

My thoughts go out to all who are suffering in such intensely hostile places and praying for peace. And my thoughts go out to those who suffer in the face of harsh environment changes. Praying for you this New Year.

Yet I am also praying for the return of some semblance of sanity to the US healthcare system because I know that many, many out there are in the same situation related to heath care cost issues.

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Living Frugally, with Purpose and Style: The New Conserver

Living Frugally, with Purpose and Style: the New Conserver

Living Frugally, with Purpose and Style: The New Conserver

Living Frugally, with Purpose and Style: the New Conserver

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